About Us

  • After 47 years of doing business on 4 different continents, I am thankful for the many different people that I have known and places that I have been privileged to experience. It is a unique and vanishing world that I will sorely miss. Their rugs and weavings are one of the last connections that we will ever have.
  • If the right rug is not in our store, we will use our international sources to find it for you, or we will custom weave it. We are happy to do in-house consultations, approvals, installations, and appraisals. Rugs can be shipped anywhere in the world. We look forward to helping you in any way that we can.

  • At Nola Rugs we offer our experience, integrity and service. Finding the right rug can sometimes be a daunting task. Our job is to help make your experience as rewarding as possible.