The Scout Guide: Why you should shop local with Nola Rugs by Taylor Morgan from TSG NOLA

The Scout Guide: Why you should shop local with Nola Rugs by Taylor Morgan from TSG NOLA

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I recently gave my living room a facelift with the help of NOLA Rugs, and it reminded me of all the reasons why it’s important to spend a little bit extra to work directly with local businesses within our community. At a time when many businesses have gone digital, there will never, ever be an experience as treasured or valuable or beloved as shopping and supporting the businesses within your community. Allow me to share my own personal experience with you. Full disclosure: While I have a seven-year relationship with this New Orleans-based business, I am certain that this is the same special treatment they give to every customer. The experience I am about to share with you is built upon NOLA Rugs’ 40 years in business and an understanding that, for them and so many other scouted businesses, service is critical to their success. I am just the proud storyteller and local advocate who is determined to ensure these beautiful places remain in our hometown.

THE EXPERIENCE. After a year of being homebound, like many of you, I was ready for a refresh. Budget-wise, I knew I could update one or two things but not do an overhaul. I have a light and airy living room with a sisal rug to ground the space. I could achieve the biggest impact by changing the largest element: the rug. I love perusing the website at NOLA Rugs, especially with their new platform, but shopping online does not do justice to the in-person experience.

For starters, it's very hard to photograph rugs for digital accuracy. The online images cannot capture the nuances of color and texture that you see in person. And believe it or not, shopping for rugs can be a fun experience, especially when it starts by flipping through them with Walter and Arturo doing the heavy lifting.

Every rug—even a new one—has a story, and Anne, Michael, Shane, and owner Sharon Schenck stand nearby to share with you what you need to know about each piece. If you venture to the antique rugs, the staff will share with you details that will leave your imagination wandering to a faraway land. Talk about a great escape when we can’t travel to these places.

After selecting several options to try in my home, NOLA Rugs delivered the candidates to my door and placed each one in the space, carefully moving my furniture aside and back into place. Seeing each one installed made a vast difference, with the light hitting the colors differently from the left and right sides of the room. The one I chose is a new Oushak sourced from Afghanistan with a very high quality wool.

THE EXPERTISE. Sharon Schenck has been in the business for over 40 years. She’s made connections all over the world that have led her to private palaces in Afghanistan. She sources only the best for her business, which is precisely why The Scout Guide believes everything you need to live a beautiful life can be found in your community. Furthermore, after analyzing five or six rugs in my space, NOLA Rugs’ Anne Guillot’s expertise helped guide me to the right one. After all, she has overseen many installations into many homes, so she knows what she is talking about without the need for a further consultation.

THE INVESTMENT. Here’s my case for justifying the investment: As you have seen, the quality, the service, and the artistry are second to none. A living room rug takes up the most square footage in your home, so why not make a statement? This rug has definitely enhanced the warmth and coziness of my space, and in this crazy world we live in, isn’t that the type of feeling you want to come home to at the end of the day? I know I’ll carry this rug to my forever home and likely one day pass it down through my family, all while fondly remembering the people who helped me select this beautiful piece.

Visit NOLA Rugs at 300 Jefferson Highway near Dopp Antiques or reach out at 504.891.3304 to begin the conversation about sourcing the perfect rug for your space.


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