Women In Business

Women In Business

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We are very proud to announce Sharon's inclusion in New Orleans Magazine's "Women In Business" feature. With over 50 years in the rug world spanning multiple continents, Sharon's knowledge and experience is vital to what we are able to do for our customers. With her firm commitment to providing exceptional service, Nola Rugs offers an experience to our customers that is unmatched. 

Sharon Schenck, owner of NOLA Rugs Inc., began her oriental rug career 48

years ago in London, and was fortunate to work with two world-renowned rug scholars.

She subsequently worked in or owned stores in San Francisco, Santa Fe,

Scottsdale, Germany and Istanbul. Sharon had a dear friend in New Orleans

named Jackie Vance. Sharon and Jackie would often travel together for

business. After Jackie's passing, Sharon came to help settle her estate. Falling

in love with the city, she decided to begin a new business and NOLA Rugs

was born. With experience and hard work, NOLA Rugs has become one of the

premier rug stores in the entire country.

NOLA Rugs, originally located at 3944 Magazine Street for 18 years

relocated in the fall of 2019 to a 7,500 sq. ft. warehouse, in an up and coming

design community on Jefferson Hwy. The new space is very expansive making

it much easier for viewing the rugs.

Traditionally rug weaving is a women's art, passed down from mother

to daughter. Some patterns contain symbols that are thousands of years old.

At NOLA Rugs one can find classic, transitional and contemporary designs.

Many of the new designs have been created in Europe bringing a fresh look in

simplicity, texture and color.

With an extensive knowledge of dyes and wool quality, Schenck is able

to select the finest caliber of rugs, in all types and styles at different price

points. All custom options are available, using the top weaving producers in the

world -any size, color or design is possible.

After years of travel in these source countries, she has established lifelong

relationships that have enabled Schenck to serve her clients well. As a direct

importer, Sharon and her team share her decades of international experience


which unravel the mystery surrounding oriental rugs.

"Finding the correct rug for a specific room can sometimes be confusing

and our goal is to make your experience as easy and fun as possible. Having

a store like ours with such a broad selection in New Orleans and being able to

see our collection in person is a huge advantage," says Sharon.

With a firm commitment to offer the quality rugs to a diverse client-

base ranging from private individuals to corporate entities and professional

designers around the world, her trained staff can assist with choosing which

colors, styles, and sizes may best satisfy your needs.

Capably navigating more than 2,000 rugs in their spacious showroom,

her team can follow-up with in-house consultations, assisting with the decision-

making process to bring a new vision for your d├ęcor that will subtly blend into

and enhance your home.

Nola Rugs and Sharon Schenck have a reputation beyond reproach and

have earned a loyalty seldom encountered in a business that has become so

diversified in the 21st century.


NOLA Rugs Inc. is located at 300 Jefferson Hwy,

Ste 401, in New Orleans. 891-3304. Nolarugs.com.


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